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China’s lockdown will impact more than electronics from Yantian, Shanghai

The ports of Shanghai and Yantian are known as two of the largest electronics export hubs in the world, but if you look in the containers, you will find much more than that. 

Using ImportGenius, American Shipper analyzed the bills of lading of Chinese exports leaving those ports bound for the United States since Feb. 1 to see what variety of items are manufactured and exported from those specific regions.

In addition to televisions and other electronic goods, the 5,958 containers processed — 3,006 originating in Shanghai; 2,952 in Yantian — were filled with everything from Tempur-Pedic electric mattresses, home and office furniture, batteries, toys, firepits, and clothing to Christmas trees, flooring, lighting, truck and auto parts, home decor, and even Amazon chassis. 

Importers listed on the bills of lading ranged from the nation’s largest retailers and Amazon third-party sellers to 3PLs transporting products on behalf of companies like Home Depot, Lowe’s and Restoration Hardware.

“50% of our ocean freight out of these two ports are non-electronic products,” explained Terry Unrein, COO of the Americas for Seko Logistics. “The products exported out of these ports are important for the entire U.S. supply chain.”

This snapshot compiled by the bills of lading research provides some much-needed insight into just how many sectors of product originate out of those two ports, which are currently being impacted by China’s zero-COVID lockdown.

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